2021.10 A Thousand Plateaus, Freespace, WKCD, Hong Kong 
2021.05 Maker Faire Kyoto 2021, ONLINE
2020.10 Art After Hours: Human Voices, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong
2020.10 Sound Forms, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong
2020.10 ReNew Vision: E(ar)-Storm, ONLINE
2019.08 "The Racing Will Continue, the Dancing Will Stay", Times Museum, China
2019.07 TWENTY ALPHA, Hong Kong
2019.05 In-Between Conditions Sound Performance Session, Politika, Tbilisi, Georgia 
2019.05 Oxygen Tbilisi No Fair, Propaganda.Network, Tbilisi, Georgia
2019.03 Cochlea Lab, 巴多池塘唱片, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2019.03 Ting Shuo, Performance #20, Ting Shuo, Tainan, Taiwan
2019.01 Intersection In Mid-air Concert, HKICC Multimedia Theatre, Hong Kong
2018.04 w/ Makoto OSHIRO, tfvsjs.syut, Hong Kong
2018.04 Beta Night, 20 Alpha, Hong Kong
2018.03 Echoes of Möbius, Hong Kong
2016.12 V/A Various Artists #15, ADA Puławska, Warszawa, Poland
2016.12 Jasper Fung, W Y Gallery, Łódź, Poland
2016.08 Experiment Series #4, Fringe Club, Hong Kong
2016.07 Quiet Cue #171, quiet cue, Berlin, Germany
2016.07 #178, SPEKTRUM art_technology_community, Berlin, Germany
2016.06 Het X-over DNA, The Hague, Netherlands
2016.03 Moral Defeat #5, Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015.11 Klub MOOZAK #79, fluc, Vienna, Austria
2015.11 Undertone//01, Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK
2015.09 Der Bloede Dritte Mittwoch, Rhiz, Vienna, Austria
2015.07 MIJI Concert #25, Meridian Space, Beijing, China
2015.06 Sonic Transmission, Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, China
2015.06 Sonic Transmission, MinSheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2015.03 Lacking Sound Festival, Digital Art Centre, Taipei, Taiwan
2014.12 FM3V + Noise to Signal: Ting Shuo, HKICC School of Creativity, Hong Kong
2014.04 Lacking Sound Festival 82, noiseKitchen, Taipei, Taiwan
2013.10 Sonic Anchor #13 (opening for MIVOS Quartet), Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2013.03 Lacking Sound Festival 69, noiseKitchen, Taipei, Taiwan
2012.08 Noise to Signal 0.07, Strategic Sound, Hong Kong,
2012.02 Sonic Anchor #2, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong


2019.02 Conditions In-Between, Khidi 中, Tbilisi, Georgia 
2017.09 Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria
2016.05 "Foreign Objects", NORDcraft, Aalborg, Denmark
2015.05 "China 8", Osthaus Museum Hagen, Germany
2015.05 "Beyond The Sound" by le French May, Comic Home Base, Hong Kong
2014.12 "Revolution Per Minute - Sound Art China", Creative Media Centre, Hong Kong
2014.12 "On Broadway", The Property Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA
2014.07 International conference for New Interfaces Musical Expression, Goldsmiths, University of London
2014.05 Chi Wan Mei Art & Design Festival, Hong Kong
2013.07 "Transcendent Ordinariness New Media Art Exhibition" , K11 Art Space, Hong Kong
2013.03 "ifva festival", Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
2012.08 "Discordia", 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong
2012.07 "SCM Annual 2012", School of Creative Media, Hong Kong
2011.03 "Best Before 2011", HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Hong Kong
2010.08 "Display Mode", School of Creative Media, Hong Kong